Friday, July 11, 2008

Detached Retina (Update #2)

This morning I went to the doctor for the YAG Laser Capsulotomy. The procedure was done by Dr. Renny Levy. It was a very simple procedure and the waiting and prep time actually took more time than the procedure. Dr. Levy and the staff at the Surgery Center of Santa Fe were very courteous and professional. After I checked in and filled out all the necessary papers they took me back to an exam room. The nurse checked my vitals and put two drops into my left eye. I then had to wait for ten minutes and then the same two drops were put into my left eye again. And then another ten minute wait. A different drop was then put into my eye to numb it. After five minutes Dr. Levy came in and started the procedure.

He put a round lens looking object over my left eye to hold it open. All I had to do was sit there with my chin in a holder and my forehead leaning against a strap and not to move. He had me focus on a green light with my right eye and to make sure to keep my right eye open. He was sitting behind a small and simple machine.
He looked through it and performed the procedure. I heard some clicking and saw some red lights. And that's it - the whole thing lasted about a minute and a half. Once the procedure was completed the nurse put Pred Forte drops into my left eye and I was ready to go. I was at the center for only an hour. The only orders the doctor gave me was to continue to use the Pred Forte drops six times a day and to return for a follow-up visit on Wednesday, July 16. I also had to go to the Retinal Office and make an appointment to see Dr. Wyant on Monday, July 21. My eye actually feels okay. The only thing I had was a little discomfort. And that only lasted about an hour. Now my eye actually feels pretty good. My sight is still blurry but it is actually a little better. And the doctor thinks that in the next few days it will get even better. It won't be perfect because I still don't have a lens. That will have to wait until about October.

Detached Retina (Update # 3)

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Twinville said...

I'm glad that the procedure went well, Mark. Also happy to hear that you can get around and do more now, instead of having to be face down all the time.

Praying for a quick, and full recovery of your eye :)