Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Garden Comes Alive

Today Thomas and I spent the day outside working in the garden. The weather was incredible - blue skies, sunshine, mid 60's, gentle breeze - so we felt we should take advantage of the day. We cleaned and organized the shed, cleaned up flower beds, tended to the ponds and picked up trash around the property. We ended up spending about six hours out in the yard and it was worth it. It looks great and we got to enjoy a great day. While working in the yard we noticed that things were beginning to bloom and grow. I decided to take a break from working and take a few pictures. We spent some time enjoying the flowers because we know this weather isn't here to stay. Here in Santa Fe we can get freezes and snow up until mid May so these flowers are being fooled by Mother Nature and may only be here for a few days. Well, we are going to enjoy them while we can - and here is what we have blooming now.

CrocusDay Lilies