Monday, October 26, 2009

Detached Retina (Update #12)

I had a follow-up visit with Dr. Wyant today. It has been a year and five months since my retina detached. My last appointment with Dr. Wyant was back in March. Since that time not much has changed. My vision is pretty much the same - blurry with lack of peripheral vision on the left and bottom. The only real complaint I have is that my eye tends to get red. When it is really red I use Optive or Systane (over the counter eye drops) and that usually helps. I had to renew my driver's license this summer and when they checked my left eye alone it was pretty bad. The DMV looks for 20/40 and my left eye is at 20/60. So I am okay for normal driving but I would not qualify for a license to drive a bus or 18 wheeler. I don't want to drive either of them so there is no problem. My depth perception is really good now. Not sure if I learned to compensate or if it is actually better - all I know is that when I reach for things I can get them. Dr. Wyant doesn't expect any changes one way or the other. He thinks that there is a very miniscule chance that the retina would detach again in the left eye and that makes me feel much better. So all in all things look really good and I don't have to see the doctor again for a year. Thankfully things are looking up.

Detached Retina (Update #13)

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