Friday, May 31, 2013

Burning Fires!

New Mexico is in its third year of drought and we are experiencing it first hand here in the northern part of the state. On Thursday a fire started just north of Pecos. They are calling this one the Tres Lagunas Fire. It started from a downed power line. At first we weren't seeing the smoke but this afternoon it started moving toward Santa Fe. The fire has burned about 2500 acres so far and is 0% contained. Then this afternoon a new fire started near the town of Jemez Springs. This is called the Thompson Ridge Fire and started when a tree hit a power line. The smoke from this fire is also moving toward Santa Fe. As of this evening 700 acres have been burned and the fire is 0% contained. As Thomas and I were eating dinner we could smell the smoke so we went outside to check what was going on. The smoke from one or both of the fires had moved into Santa Fe and the mountains were blocked from view. I decided to grab my camera and get a picture of all the smoke. You can read updates on both these fires at New Mexico Fire Information.

You can barely see the Sangre de Cristos through the smoke.
Thompson Fire Sunset looking towards Jemez Springs.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Walk Down Canyon Road

Today I had a few errands to run and for a change I finished early. That gave me some free time to head over to Canyon Road and take a walk. I enjoy walking around Santa Fe to see all the art around town and Canyon Road is packed with public art. I park on Canyon Road as close to Paseo de Peralta as I can and begin my walk from there. I then walk as far as the Tea House and then turn around and head back to the car. The weather today was perfect for a Spring day in Santa Fe - the temperature was in the mid to high 50s and there was a gentle breeze. Extremely pleasant for a stroll down a beautiful road full of art. I don't usually go into any of the galleries, I enjoy the outdoor art much more. Anyway, I spent about an hour and a half walking and taking pictues - it was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. Here are a few pictures of the art I saw today.