Thursday, June 4, 2009

Detached Retina . . . One Year Later

Today is one year to the day that my retina detached. I was a little worried because last year June 4th was on a Thursday and I worked that day and I worked today. So I kept thinking all day that everything is the same as last year and I sure as hell hope my retina doesn't detach again this year. Well, so far so good! Even though a year has passed I still remember how I felt when I covered my right eye and realized that I couldn't see out of my left. The anxiety and fear are still vivid. But I have a lot to be thankful about. After four surgeries and countless hours in a face down position; after being very still and inactive for a full summer and after numerous doctor visits I do have vision in my left eye. In February I saw my regular eye doctor and had my glasses updated and in March I saw my retina specialist and things were looking pretty good. I do still have some blurriness in the left eye and if I cover my right eye it is still a little difficult to see things clearly. The good news is that I can walk and not bump into things with just my left eye - there is still some problems with details. But I continue to notice small improvements as time goes by. Dr. Wyant told me that patients sometimes notice improvement even a year later. So I am optimistic about things. My eye pretty much feels normal - no itching or watering and it isn't red anymore. I also have better depth perception and that makes getting around easier. All in all things pretty darn good. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn't happen again.

Detached Retina (Update #12)

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