Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Detached Retina (Update #5)

I had a quick visit with Dr. Wyant on Monday and everything is still going well. The retina is attached and healing as it should be. I still have blurry vision but that is due to the lack of a lens in the left eye. I had a good discussion with the doctor and I will be seeing him again towards the end of October. At that time we will schedule a surgery to remove the silicon oil and replace the lens. I am hoping that by the end of the year I will have my normal vision again. I am really happy with the way things are healing - I went back and read some of my blogs from the beginning and I must say it all feels a bit surreal - I am just relieved that the healing process is going so well.

Detached Retina (Update #6)


hip_bone said...

I found your blog after searching "detached retina + nausea + pain" and was so glad I found a success story!

I had a scleral buckle procedure done on Aug. 1st of this year, things looked good -- but at about week 4 the retina began to detach again, I had a vitrectomy and gas bubble procedure done on Sept 10 -- again everything seemed to work fine. By the 13th I was having more pain than usual, and vision was drastically reduced. I'm now booked for the oil bubble thingee and vitrectomy for this coming Monday (it sucks that I have to wait so long -- but my surgery is free -- I'm Canadian) I can't see anything out of that eye now, and the pain is killer. My doc doesn't believe in subscribing anything stronger than extra strength tylenol (luckily I got codeine OTC -- again Canadian).

After experiencing so many problems I am just so glad to hear about someone who has had success. Luckily I don't have to worry about developing a cataract as I had cataract surgery (with total lens removal) 1983. So I guess thats a plus, anyways -- thanks for giving me a little hope!!

Mark said...

Hi Hip Bone,
Hang in there - I sympathize with you. When I had to have the second vitrectomy I was very apprehensive and the doctor had to talk me into it. I'm glad he did - I can't imagine not having the sight in my left eye. Good luck on Monday - my thoughts are with you.