Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ballroom Dancing for Dogs

While having my morning cup of coffee I was perusing the spring issue of the Continuing Education Catalog for the Santa Fe Community College. I am always looking for an interesting class to take. (I am hoping to slow down the effects of dementia - it seems to be creeping up on me.) So, I came across this course offering and it got me to thinking. It is a class to teach you to dance with your dog. I have a dog - a wonderful English Bulldog named Boudreaux. Would I want to learn to ballroom dance with him. I decided "NO". No offense to dog owners or dog lovers out there but I decided that this was just going a little too far. And to pay $75 for this was just way over the top. I love my dog - I really do but this class is not for me. I think I will stick to the basics - going for a walk, playing fetch, etc. I guess this goes to show you . . . there is something out there for everyone.


John and Diane said...

That is TOO funny, I did not see that in the catalog! John says Boudreaux probably wouldn't be a good dance partner anyway.

Mark said...

John, I totally agree that Boudreaux wouldn't make a good dance partner!

Twinville said...

That photo looks as if Boudreaux is laughing while saying "You got THAT right, buddy!"

So happy to see you Blogging again, by the way.

Twinville Trekkers5