Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Little Boy

Boudreaux is now a little over 11 years old. He was a christmas present in 1996 and he immediately became "my little boy". He is a very special part of my life. I find that as he has gotten older I make it a point to spend a little more time with him. He has a hard time walking so playing fetch is out of the question. His eye sight has deteriorated and sometimes I think he doesn't really see me anymore. But I sit with him, rub under his chin and on his belly and he is "my little boy" all over again. I see the changes of old age in him - bad eye sight, hard of hearing, difficulty controlling his bladder, moving slower, sleeping more and at time he seems a little confused. But I love him more now than the day Thomas brought him home. And I am treasuring every moment with him since I know that the day will come (and all too soon, I might add) that he will no longer be with us. This makes me a little sad but I know I wouldn't change anything. He is the most wonderful dog I have ever owned - "my little boy" has become "my old man" - and I love him.

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Twinville said...

What a gift he has been to you all these years. You are lucky to have him...and he you.

I enjoyed learning more about your special relationship with him, too.