Wednesday, January 21, 2009

From Picture to Painting

On January 1, 2008 I started a project to take pictures every day and to post one of those pictures to a blog each day and so began As I See It 2008. I managed to complete that project and I surprised myself with the results - even though they aren't professional quality I did manage to learn a lot and I improved my skills. I was so happy with the results and enjoyed myself so much that I decided to continue with As I See It 2009.

At sometime during the year Thomas decided that he wanted to get back to drawing and painting. He decided to start a drawing journal using pencil colors and watercolor pencils. His thinking was that he would use my pictures that I took each day and make a quick 'study' of them each night. This would give him practice every day and eventually he would begin to paint on canvas. Although he doesn't do this every day he has been painting on a regular basis. Here are two examples of some of the studies that he did.

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John and Diane said...

Looking forward to seeing some paintings!