Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1st Annual Valentine Cookie Night

For the past two Christmases Thomas and I have gotten together with friends (Chris, Diane and John) to make cookies. Both times we have had a lot of fun. (1st Annual Cookie Night Photos and 2nd Annual Cookie Night Post and Photos) We usually make an evening of it - dinner and wine and then making the cookies. The most fun comes with the decorating. Now I can't say that these are the best decorated or fanciest cookies around but I can say that they are made with lots of friendship, love and fun. So when Chris emailed us about getting together to make cookies for Valentines how could we resist.

We had pizza and salad for dinner with wine, of course! And then the baking and decorating ensued. Chris had the dough already made and in the refrigerator to chill. He also had a variety of cookie cutters and decorations to add to the cookies. John and I rolled out the dough and did most of the cutting. Chris and Diane did the actual baking. Chris also mixed up all the icing - making white, red, pink and purple. Once all the cookies were baked we transferred them to the table and began to decorate - Thomas even got involved in the process (if you read the post for 2nd Annual Cookie Night you will see that he avoided the cookies all together that night). We figured that we had close to 100 cookies. There is no way any of us would eat all that - so some will be distributed to a shelter, some will be handed out to John's customers at work and some will just be given to friends and family.

It seems that we have started a tradition - so far we have had two Christmas Cookie Nights, one Easter Egg Decorating Night and now Valentine Cookie Night - what fun. Diane says next we will have the 2nd Annual Easter Egg Decorating Night. I can't wait.


John and Diane said...

I see that I am not the only one who was up late last night on a sugar rush! That was too much fun. Thanks for the pics and the wonderful woven hearts.

Julianna said...

Wow!! Love those heart shaped and colorful Valentines cookies!!