Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Little Girl Is Growing

Daisy is now six months old. She has grown really fast but still has all the qualities of a puppy. She has tons of energy and loves to play - she can play fetch for hours without even slowing down. I have also been taking her for walks with me. I want her to learn to stay near me when we are walking - I don't mind if she goes off a little bit but I want to be able to see her and I want her to come to me when I call her. So far it is working out well. At the end of the month we are having her spayed, no reason to bring more puppies into the world when there are tons that need adopting. Check out the Santa Fe Animal Shelter - they have plenty of animals for adoption.

After we lost Boudreaux I didn't think I wanted another dog so soon but I have to admit that I have become very attached to Daisy. She is a very loving and loyal dog. We had some trouble with her chewing on just about anything that she could get to. Now she has learned what is off limits to her and she only chews on her toys. She is also completely house trained and even though she was suppose to be an outside dog she seems to spend quite a bit of time in the house and she sleeps next to the bed. And even though she is not that big (she only weighs 26 pounds) she still has grown pretty fast and doesn't look like a puppy anymore. I am not sure if she will get any bigger or not - I am really not sure what size she should be. I am really hoping that I can train her enough that I can start taking her hiking with me. She does pick up on things quickly and she seems to know her boundaries so I thinking the hiking thing will work out well. I just wanted to write an update on our little girl and share how she is growing.

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