Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Newest Family Member

For a few months now Thomas has been talking about getting another dog, a playmate for Daisy. He has been asking around and looking in the paper for one to adopt. The other day he saw a ad in the Santa Fe Reporter for the Espanola Valley Humane Society. He saw a picture of a dog that he thought would be nice to adopt. So today he just happened by the humane society and the dog he was looking for had already been adopted. Did that slow him down - no way. He asked and found out that there had been a litter of blue heeler mix puppies brought in the night before. He went and saw the puppies and found one he just had to have. So he adopted this great little boy. We have named him Buddy. He is wonderful and fit in immediately. Daisy seems to like him and she is very gentle when playing with him. She lets him jump all over her and bite her. When she has enough she gently pushes him away. The only thing is that he doesn't give up easy. It seems that they may very well become best friends. He is about five or six weeks old and we are hoping he grows to about the size of Daisy. I will keep you posted.

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