Saturday, May 29, 2010

Walking Around the Plaza

Today I was meeting friends near the Plaza for coffee. I arrived early and parked near the Capitol. I always enjoy walking downtown and looking at all the art and old buildings. So I walked up Old Santa Fe Trail passing the Capitol, Guadalupe Cafe, The Pink Adobe, San Miguel Mission, Upper Crust Pizza and eventually arriving at the intersection of Old Santa Fe Trail and Alameda. I took some pictures along the way. I crossed Alameda and walked around the front of Inn at Loretto and took a few pictures. Still on Old Santa Fe Trail I passed some galleries and Loretto Chapel - I took a picture of the church. I turned right at Water St. and walked along the back side of La Fonda Hotel until I reached Cathedral Place. Here I turned left and made my way to the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi. There is a beautiful little park next to the Cathedral and they were having an art and craft show there. I walked through hoping to find a friend who was going to have a booth in the park with her jewelry. I found Alina (a fellow PT I work with at the hospital) and visited for a minute. I didn't stay long since she was trying to get things ready for the show. I exited the park at the back onto Palace Ave. and turned left heading toward the Plaza. I walked past Sena Plaza, The Shop, The Shed and the Frank Howell Gallery arriving at the intersections of Washington Ave., Palace Ave. and Old Santa Fe Trail where the Palace of the Governors is located.

The Plaza was packed. There were tons of people here for the Santa Fe Run Around - a 5K & 10K race in and around the Plaza. Some people were there to run and some just to cheer them on. I took pictures and walked around waiting for the start of the race. I positioned myself a little in front of the starting line so that I could get some good pictures . There were quite a few runners lined up and then 'Ils sont partis!' (cajun for 'and they're off!'). Once the runners were gone I walked up San Francisco Street passing shop after shop, pass the Ore House, San Francisco Street Bar & Grill, some galleries and clothing stores, Tia Sopia's, Burro Alley and stopping at the Lensic. Of course I took some pictures along the way.

Then I backtracked a little ways on San Francisco Street to the intersection with Galisteo. I turned right and walked along Galisteo passing Maya's, Santa Fe Hat and the Blue Corn Cafe reaching the intersection of Galisteo and Water Street. Just across Water Street on Galisteo is Collected Works Bookstore. Here is where I met my friends for coffee. We had a wonderful visit and you can read about that at Meeting Bandaid. After about an hour and a half of chatting and coffee we left. I turned right out of the bookstore and walked up Galisteo to Alameda. Here I turned left and continued my walk down Alameda to Don Gaspar. I turned left here walking past Del Charro, Santa Fe Village and the Hotel St. Francis. I stopped at the intersection of Don Gaspar and Water Street across for Cafe Pasquals. More pictures along the walk. I found a spot to sit and read The Reporter.

Did I mention that the day was absolutely beautiful, sunny and warm. When I made it to the end of the paper I retraced my steps down Don Gaspar and crossed Alameda, continuing on Don Gaspar passing State Office Buildings until I reached the Capital. I walked around the outside of the Capitol and made my way to Old Santa Fe Trail. I crossed here and was back at my car. It was a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning.

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