Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Anniversary of Our Wedding

Thomas and I met back in October of 1989. I moved to Santa Fe in December of 1989 which is when we began our lives together. Then in May of 2004 the State of Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage. Not long after Thomas asked me if I wanted to get married. Of course I said yes and the planning began.
October 11, 2004 - Provincetown, MA
We talked to a few friends and family and made arrangements for a ceremony in Provincetown, Massachusetts. It was an incredible day - even though the marriage was only legal in Massachusetts it was still a moving and emotional time for both of us. And to have our friends and family with us, supporting us made it that much more special. Today we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, a very special day as our marriage is now legal in both New Mexico and the United States. At the end of this year we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary as a couple. It amazes me that things have changed as much as they have with rights and protections for the gay community. I never really believed that I would see all of this in my lifetime. The rants of the moral majority about the sanctitiy of marriage has become laughable to me. There are so many marriages that end in divorce and it angers me that they believe that a commited gay couple getting married will wreck the sanctity of marriage. An opposite sex marriage has all the support and blessing of society - so why can't these straight people make it work. Thomas and I have had to overcome being beaten up, called names and told we are abominations and yet we have been in a loving, commited relationship for almost 25 years and now legally married for 10. And I don't think our marriage has in any way lessened anyone else's marriage. I am very proud of the life Thomas and I have built together and I look forward to the day that our marriage is legal in all 50 states. Thomas, I love you with all my heart - thank you for everything.

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