Monday, July 20, 2015

A Relaxing Day in Boise

Well today was our first full day in Boise. Thomas was busy with his conference most of the day so I was on my own - at least for the morning. I wasn't in a rush to get started this morning so I ended up  watching the news and having a cup of coffee before heading out. Around 8:30am I got my things ready for the day and then decided to walk a couple of blocks from the hotel and look for a breakfast place. I quickly found Goldy's Breakfast Bistro. I sat at the counter and had more coffee and ordered an omelet (with ham, swiss cheese and tomatoes), hash browns and an english muffin. The food was so good and a large portion - I wasn't able to eat it all. Now that I was full I walked back to the hotel and got the rental car so I could go out and letterbox. I spent the rest of the morning and a small portion of the early afternoon letterboxing which took me around the town. You can read the details at Boise Boxing - Day 1.

Around 2:00pm I returned to the hotel and walked to The Lucky Fins and met a couple of people for drinks at the bar. At about 3:00pm Thomas and the other spouses joined us. We visited for a while and then we all returned to our respective hotels to rest and get ready for dinner. At 6:00pm we met everyone at a great steak place called Barbacoa's. Everything about the place was incredible. The decor was beautiful and colorful and done in a Spanish theme. The atmosphere was festive and fun. The menu was varied and with lots of choices and then there was the specials. Four of the people in our group had the "Hot Rock" Filet - a 10oz filet with cognac sauce and a side dish. They bring the steak to the table on a wooden board with a flat stone that is heated to 700 degrees with the filet on top of the stone. Then they light the cognac sauce and then pour it over the filet. They all said it was delicious. Another person had the Rib Eye and someone else had Filet Mignon Tips with Fettuccini. They both loved their dishes as well. I ended up with one of the specials - egg noodles mixed with crab, prawns and filet tips in a creamy walnut sauce - so, so good. We had a great time and were too full for any of the desserts they had - we watched when other people ordered a dessert and it was brought out - everything had the most incredible presentation. I would go back to this place in a heartbeat - the only thing was that it was on the pricey side - but worth every penny.

After dinner we returned to the hotel to get some rest - Thomas has a really early morning tomorrow. He was in bed as soon as we got back but I stayed up for while getting a few things done but now I need to go to sleep - it has been a long day.

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