Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Surprised on the Trail

Since July I have been trying to get into better shape and healthier (mainly because my doctor keeps yelling at me and also because I haven't been feeling all that great), so I started walking.
Spur Trail
I have been using the Spur Trail in Rancho Viejo. When I first started I was walking 1 to 2 miles each morning. Slowly I began increasing my distance and eventually I was walking the entire length of the trail in and out which yielded me six miles round trip. I try to walk everyday and I really enjoy the solitude and it is the perfect way to start my day. So now that it is winter I thought I would end up not wanting to get out in the cold and walk, but so far I am still walking and the cold isn't bothering me. I guess when it is snowing I will probably not go out and walk but that won't be too often. It has now been around 4 months since I started walking and now I am walking either 6, 8, 10 or 12 miles a day - it all depends on how I am feeling. I am feeling much better and I have lost 30 pounds so far. I still have a ways to go but I am sure when I go for my next doctor appointment he will be pleased with the progress. I have also lowered my blood pressure and hopefully my cholesterol (I won't know about that until January).

So this morning I hit the trail at 7:30am and I ended up walking ten and a half miles. The trail was very quiet this morning - I only saw four people during my walk.
My new little friend.
I walk the Spur Trail for three miles and then I turn right onto the Rail Trail and walk the distance I feel up to (usually I go 2 to 3 miles on this trail) and then I turn around and retrace my steps back to my car. I use Map My Walk on my phone which talks to me at each mile and at the end I get a report on how many steps I have taken, how many miles I have gone, how many calories I have burned and my pace per mile. Recently I was given a FitBit as a present and that gives me steps, miles, calories and stairs climbed. So I have a good record of my exercise and activity. I think the phone and the FitBit both give me something to work for. Each morning I can make a goal depending on how I feel and that works out great. This morning shortly after my phone told me I had walked nine miles I was caught off guard and surprised enough to squeal a little. At first I thought there was a stick in the middle of the trail but as I got closer the 'stick' moved, by this time I was about ten feet away from the 'stick'. I quickly jumped back as I realized that it was a rattlesnake. It coiled up and was rattling nervously. When I felt I was a safe distance away I took out my phone and snapped a picture. I stood there for a few minutes but the snake didn't seem to want to leave the trail - so I made a large arc off the trail to bypass this surprise visitor. This was so unexpected since I thought that when it got cold the snakes went into hibenation and this was why I first thought it was a stick. Finishing my last mile was a little less relaxing as I kept watch in case there was another visitor. I still had a great walk and a good morning even though I was unexpectedly surprised.

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