Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Vacation Centering Around Niagara Falls

For the last three months Thomas and I have been planning a trip. It took a while for us to decide on where to go but we finally made a decision and we are headed to Niagara Falls and Toronto. Actually, it is more than that but we will get to that later.
Our day started at 3:30am when the alarm sounded and we pulled ourselves out of bed. Once showered and dressed we loaded the car and our vacation began. The flight was at 6:15am and we had no problems parking, checking in and getting through security. We only had a short wait until we boarded the plane for the first leg of our flight. We flew Delta for this trip and we have used them for our trips to Italy and France --- I am really liking flying with them so far. Thomas and I were both tired so we ended up sleeping the entire flight from Albuquerque to Atlanta which made for a quick little jaunt. Once in Atlanta we had to change terminals and once we were in the right area for the last part of our flight we decided to get something to eat. I wanted to find a restaurant where we could sit and relax and ended up at Café Intermezzo. We had a nice lunch and then walked over to our gate to wait for the next part of the flight. We read the news on our iPads, did a little reading on the kindles and walked around a bit. Finally we boarded for our flight to Buffalo. During this flight we read, watched some TV and played games. It was a quick flight and once we landed I was glad to be done with airports and airplanes. We got our bags and made our way to the rental car area. It took about 40 minutes to get our car and finally we were on our way to Canada. We plugged in the address to our hotel in Toronto and started driving. Our route took us to Niagara Falls, NY and from there we crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Once in Canada it took us about an hour and a half to reach the hotel. We are staying at The Beverly Hotel in downtown Toronto on Queen Street. We got checked in and then decided to go out to find something for dinner. We walked along Queen St. and finally decided on Café Crepe. After a quick dinner we walked back to the hotel, took showers and we are now relaxing. Plans have been made for tomorrow for our full day in Toronto.

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