Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spanish Market

I left home early this morning and made my way to the Plaza. Today is the start of Spanish Market and I wanted to be able to find a parking spot before it got crazy busy. I decided to park at the PERA Building and walk to the Plaza - that way I could avoid any traffic when I was ready to leave. I got there pretty early and most of the artist were still setting up their booths. So I walked around a little and then decided to get a cup of coffee and sit for a while until all the booths were ready. So I found a bench near the middle of the Plaza and did a little people watching and took a couple of pictures. Then I decided to walk the perimeter of the Plaza first and look at all those booths, then I walked through the middle and saw the artwork there, I then walked along the front of the Palace of the Governors and then down Palace Ave to see what was on display there. My last walk was down Lincoln to view the Contemporary Hispanic Market. There were lots of different types of artwork from santos, straw applique, tinwork, textiles, pottery, basketry, furniture and more. The colors were unbelievable and beautiful. I took a break from walking for a little while and enjoyed some music. The woman singing had a very beautiful voice and even thought I didn't understand the words to the songs the music was wonderful. I guess I spent about three hours on the Plaza this morning and I had a great time.

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