Monday, October 22, 2012

Italy Planning and Preparations Are Complete

In January of this year we started plans and preparations for a trip to Italy. Last year we took a cruise in Alaska with a group of letterboxers that was put together by Mark & Sue Pepe for one of their Pinecone Adventures. We had a great time on that trip and since this trip to Italy is another Pinecone Adventure we decided to go on this trip as well. This trip and event is called Viva Italia Letterboxing Tour. We are very excited about this trip and I have been planning since the beginning of the year.
Classic Italy Tour

I got travel guides and maps, I did research on the internet, I talked to people who have been to Italy and countless other things to prepare for this trip. We are going with a tour group and we are taking a tour called Classic Italy - Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Venice & Lake Como. This is a twelve day tour but we will gone 14 days with the travel to Italy and back. We have been to Italy before but it was on a tour of Europe so we only had a few days in Italy and didn't get enough time in the country. This time it is all Italy and I am looking forward to it.

For the trip we are only allowed one check in bag and one carry on bag. I was a little worried when I first found this out but I did a lot of research and planned well. I have a medium sized suitcase to check in and it weighs about 37 pounds and I will carry on a backpack with a few other things. I think I did well with my packing and I am sure that I willl have everything I will need for the trip. As of 4:00pm this afternoon we are completely packed. There are only three things that I need to take care of tomorrow and then we are ready to enjoy our trip. We leave very early on Wednesday morning - 6:00am and we will be traveling from Albuquerque to Dallas to New York and finally to Rome. We arrive on Thursday morning around 10:00am in the Eternal City.

I plan on posting to this blog every day so that I can journal this trip. But that will depend on the internet connections in the areas where we will be. My exact plan is to write my blog post in Word and then publish them to the blog itself when I have a connection. This blog will hold the details of our trip throughout Italy and on the days we do some letterboxing I will post on my Lion's Game blog at Italy Letterboxing.

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