Sunday, May 27, 2012

Carnival Caribbean Cruise: Day 9 – Debarkation and the Trip Home

We docked this morning in Galveston at around 8:00am. But we couldn’t leave the ship until our Zone was called. We were Zone 6. So we all decided to meet for breakfast at 7:30am and then find a place to sit until they called our number. We ended up on some couches on Deck 4. We just visited and waited. Finally around 9:20am we were called. We made our way to Deck 3 and the gangway. When we got into the terminal all the bags were laid out in the zones. We made it to zone 6 and found all our bags. Then we had to get into a very long line to get through customs.
Joe's Crab Shack
The line moved really slow and at 11:30am we were through customs and we exited the terminal. We found a shuttle to take us to the cars in the parking areas.

Once we were all loaded in the cars we headed north on I45 toward Houston. We decided to stop at Joe’s Crab Shack for lunch. After a nice lunch my family drove Thomas and I to the airport. We said our goodbyes and they headed home to Louisiana. We entered the airport, checked in and then made our way through security. We spent the next hour at our gate waiting for our flight. We spent the time reading until we boarded. On the plane we both slept a little and luckily the two hour flight seemed shorter and in no time we were landing in Albuquerque. We grabbed our bags, caught the shuttle to our car and eventually made our way to Santa Fe. We were in our home and loving our dogs by 8:20pm. I called my sister to find out if they made it home okay and to let them know we were home. After that we unpacked but that is all we had energy for. We showered and fell into bed – it is always nice to travel but we love it when we are home in our own bed.

We had a great trip and enjoyed our time with my family. All in all the trip was very relaxing and we got to see some great areas that we had never seen before. We are both glad we have this next week off to continue to relax. Thanks to Brent for getting this trip organized and thanks for including us.

Homeward Bound

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