Sunday, February 23, 2014

Headed to D.C.

Thomas has to attend the AASHTO Washington Briefing in Washington, D.C. this coming week and I am tagging along. Our flight this morning wasn't until 11:05am but we were in airports and airplanes until nearly midnight. The first leg of our flight took us to Kansas City, MO. The airport is a little weird. The gate area is long and skinny with only a few places to eat and get snacks. We found a BBQ place called Pork & Pickle. We each had a sandwich and then found a Starbucks for a coffee. We then found the gate for the next leg of our flight and sat and waited for a little over two hours. Luckily there was WiFi and we both had our Kindles. So we were able to pass the time until our next flight. The next part of our flight was to Houston. The plane was packed and the flight ended up leaving about 20 minutes late due to the number of people with carry-ons and trying to get the bags into the overhead compartment. The airline ended up checking in about eight bags because there was no more room. We arrived in Houston and everyone got off the plane except for three of us. Thomas and I decided to change seats before they loaded the plane. This last part of the flight was packed as well. This time we left 10 minutes late but since we arrived in Houston 15 minutes late we were now 25 minutes late. The flight to DC was about three and a half hours. By this time we were tired and I just wanted to get to our hotel and sleep. During the flight they had free TV so I ended up watching the closing ceremony for the Olympics for about an hour. Then I read for an hour and the rest of the time I fidgeted. I think I may have slept for a short time but I don't really know because the flight seemed to last forever. Once we landed at Reagan National (which was about 20 minutes later than our original arrival time) we made our way to baggage claim and waited 15 minutes before our bags arrived. Luckily we didn't have to wait for the taxi - there was one right outside and in no time we were on our way to the hotel. The drive took less than 10 minutes since it was midnight and there was no traffic. Checking into the hotel (Washington Court Hotel) went really quick as well and we made our way to our room only to drop our bags and then head out to find something to eat. Just around the corner we found an Irish pub called The Dubliner. We ordered from the bar menu since the restaurant was closed and had a quick meal. After eating we returned to the hotel and had quick showers. We were in bed by 1:30am. Tomorrow is already here and we have an early day. Hopefully we will have the energy.

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