Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blast From The Past

This weekend I decorated the house for Christmas. I had to do the decorating over several days because my eye would start bothering me if I did too much in one long stretch. But anyways, I finished today and all the ornaments I have bring up a lot of old memories. Thomas and I tend to buy pairs of ornaments when we travel or for special occasions - so when I take these out to hang on the tree it always takes us back through our relationship (it will be 19 years on December 30). So we had a good talk and laughed a lot remembering all of the good times. We both feel really lucky to have found each other and to have made it work for this long. It just makes you wonder why there are still a lot of people who don't want gays to marry - to me love is love - and this relationship has out lasted quite a few heterosexual marriages (the divorce rate in the US is close to 50%). Okay, I am getting off my soap box - I was talking about memories. So not only is the house decorated for Christmas, it is also filled with 19 years of great memories for Thomas and I.

1990 -and fast forward to - 2008

All the memory stuff brought up other things as well. For Christmas 1993 I made a video (very amateurish) for a group of friends from college (Arista, Paul, Tammy, Regina, Ceci and myself). The video included individual pictures of all of us with our names and birthdates, it also had video clips of us together at different times during the college years and visits after college. But the main part of the video was a silly video clip that Paul introduced to us - every time we watched it we laughed until we were crying. So I took out the video and enjoyed another little walk down memory lane. So I thought I would post the video clip here and hopefully bring some laughter to a few people. I hope you enjoy!

Sorority Girls From Hell

Some of my favorite lines from the video are . . .

She was really smart, she could see around corners and stuff.

She wore her nylons backwards, which is real tough to do.

It's pouring rain, but the rain is stopping right here, because it is scared of her too.

Her glasses are cracked on one side, so you know she is going to go nuts real soon.

Because that's how you walk when you are going to kill somebody.

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