Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

When I woke up this morning there were a few clouds in the sky and the sun was shining. I did a few things around the house and then got things together to run errands. By the time I was leaving the house a light rain had started. After running two errands the rain had gotten worse. I noticed that the mountains were completely covered in clouds. So I deduced that if we were getting rain in town and the temperature was in the mid thirties then it was highly probable that the mountains were getting snow. So I decided to take a drive up Hyde Park Road. At first it was just rain. By the time I reached the turn for the Dale Ball North Trails there was a mixture of snow and rain. A little further up the road and it was just snow and coming down hard. When I reached the Black Canyon Campground I turned in and parked, bundled up, grabbed the camera and headed for a little walk. I walked into the campground to the first junction. The snow was about mid-calf deep in most places and a little higher than my knee along the edge of the road. I took a lot of pictures and I was covered in snow. I had to keep putting the camera under my jacket so it wouldn't get too wet. I returned back to the entrance to the campground and crossed the bridge to the picnic area. I walked a little ways up the path and continued to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful snowfall. After about 40 minutes I walked back to the car - I had to brush snow from the windows and put the defroster on so I could clear the windshield in order to see. As I headed back down the road I enjoyed the views that the snow had created. I realized I wasn't ready to give this up yet so I pulled into the parking area for the Chamisa Trail and took a short walk along the trail headed north. I could of stayed up there the entire day but duty called and I had to complete my errands. Here are a few pictures from my walk in a winter wonderland.

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gel said...

HI, I'm here from Skywatch Fri. (a new participant although if I had known of the site, many of my posts are of the sky.)

These misty snowy b/w/gray photos catch the weather nicely. I particularly love the last shot.