Thursday, December 11, 2008

We Would Like You To Meet Daisy

Well, as of tonight we have a new dog. Thomas talked to someone at work about a week ago and they mentioned they had some puppies that were 11 weeks old. The puppies are a cross between a Blue Heeler (the mom) and a Red Heeler (the dad). We drove out to Romeroville this afternoon and met the guy and all the puppies. The one we chose was very friendly and playful. It also seems to have more characteristics of the blue heeler - mainly the coloration. She was just adorable and kept nipping at my pants. After playing with all the puppies for a little while we decided that we liked her personality the best and just like that we had a new dog.

So we headed home with our new puppy. She did well in the car - she sat in my lap for part of the trip and then on the floor for the rest. She did wimper and whine a little - I guess she was missing her mom and siblings. So we got her home and let her play in the yard. I got her some water and just watched her explore her new home. Thomas went to get some dog food and a dog house. He has been wanting an outside dog for a while now and this one will work out well. So we set her up with food, water and blankets in a kennel. She did some more whining for about 30 minutes but she seems to have settled in just fine. Now she is sleeping in her new bed and seems content.

Oh, and the entire way home I kept telling Thomas he had to pick a name and he didn't know what he wanted to call her. Then while he was out getting food I came up with the name Daisy - it seems to fit her nicely. I hope she likes it.


Gramatrick said...

Nipping at your pants? She's trying to herd you, just like a heeler. She'll do that her whole life, so get used to it.

Very adorable.

John and Diane said...

What a cutie pie! Can't wait to meet her!

Dawn said...

Come over from Sky Watch but just had to comment on that sweet baby~

I had a heeler for many years, Dallas (red) best dog I ever had~