Monday, March 10, 2014

From Arizona to Santa Fe

Well today we drive back to Santa Fe and Regina's birthday trip comes to an end. So far we have had a great time. We decided we weren't in a great hurry to get started so we took our time getting ready and then loaded the car before heading into Williams. I wanted to get a couple of stamps that they have at the Visitor Center. After getting the stamps we headed to the Grand Depot Café for a quick breakfast before heading out. We arrived sometime around 9:30am because as we were being seated the train left for the Grand Canyon. Once we were done with breakfast we went to the gift shop so that I could pick up a book and then we made our way to the car and started our journey home.

We took I40 east and drove until we got to Holbrook. We took this exit and made a stop at Jim Gray's Petrified Wood Company. We had a coupon for a free ½ pound piece of petrified wood. We also did a little shopping and the continued to the south entrance of Petrified Forest National Park. After paying the entrance fee we made a stop at the Visitor Center to get Passport Stamps and walk the Giant Logs Trail. Then we began our 28 mile drive through the park. During the drive we made stops at different points and took pictures and did some short walks. The places we stopped at were Agate House, Crystal Forest, Jasper Forest, Agate Bridge, The Teepees, Newspaper Rock and Puerco Pueblo. By this time we were getting pretty tired so we didn't stop again until we reached the Visitor Center at the north end of the park. I got some more Passport Stamps and then we headed out - both of us were ready to be in Santa Fe. We only made two stops along the way - one to put gas in the car and go to the restroom and then one in Albuquerque to get something to eat. We finally arrived in Santa Fe sometime around 8:00am and I was tired. We visited with Thomas for a little bit and then I took a shower. Now that I have gotten this done I can get some sleep. I take Regina to the airport tomorrow and I really hope she had a great birthday and trip. I know I had a great time and I am glad I got a chance to visit with my friend.

Here is a slideshow with a few more photos of the trip. I hope you enjoy it.

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