Sunday, March 9, 2014

More at the Canyon and then Train Ride Back to Williams

We spent last night at the Maswik Lodge at the Grand Canyon and today we had until 3:00pm to do things. Since we had a good part of the day we decided to not set an alarm and just wake up whenever. That ended up being around 8:00am. So we got our bags packed and put them in the little hallway leading to the door so that they could be picked up and brought to the train for our return trip to Williams. Now we were ready to see more of the canyon.

We caught the free shuttle in the front of the main building of the hotel and rode to the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. We went into the Visitor Center and I got my National Park Passport Stamps and then we went to the Café at Mather Point and had a little breakfast. Next we walked over to the Bookstore. Here I got more Passport Stamps and a few other things and then we headed out for our walk along the rim back to the train depot. We filled our water bottles at a water filling station and then we were off. Not far in our walk we stopped at Mather Point and took lots of pictures then we headed out on the trail to Yavapai Point. Here they have great observation areas and a geology museum and I also got more Passport Stamps. After a few more pictures we continued on our walk. This trail is known as the Rim Trail but they have given it another name - Trail of Time. The trail is marked along the way showing different geologic features at different periods of time - you can even find your age along the way and see how things have changed. Here are a few links about the Trail of Time . . .

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The New Trail of Time at Grand Canyon National Park

Along the way we took pictures and enjoyed the views, we even found a great place to sit and look at the canyon and have a little snack. I am not sure how long it took us to walk the trail, but it was easy (paved and flat) the entire way. But before we knew it we had arrived at the El Tovar Lodge. It was sometime around 1:00pm and we decided it would be a good time to have a little lunch. And since we were at the El Tovar we decided to eat there - El Tovar Dining Room and Lounge. We had a nice relaxing and delicious lunch and visited for a while. When we were done we headed over to the Bright Angel Lodge to get some ice cream at the Bright Angel Fountain. After that we walked to the train depot, but we were early. So we found a picnic table outside and sat and relaxed until they were ready for us to board the train. We ended up visiting with a nice couple from Estes Park. They had ridden with us on the train yesterday in the same car.

It wasn't long before they called for boarding and we were back on the train headed back to Williams. One thing I forgot to mention was that by this time my allergies were full blown and I was feeling like crap. But no worries all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride. During the trip back they had snacks (sodas, cheese, crackers and fruit), we had another entertainer play guitar and sing and we had a champagne toast to celebrate the trip. Oh, and train robbers took over the train - yes, we were robbed - just as a stunt. In no time at all we were back in Williams and the first thing I did was buy some Claritin and then we went over to the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel to check in. Back in the room I took my allergy medicine and then we got settled and waited for our luggage to arrive. When we got our luggage we freshened up and then headed into Williams. On Friday night when we walked around Williams we saw a place with pie and stopped in - but we weren't hungry for it then so we didn't get any. But we had been thinking about it so we stopped in and each got a piece of pie to bring back to the room. From the pie place we went to the Grand Depot Café for dinner - but I don't think either one of us was very hungry and I wasn't feeling all that great, but we ate a little and then returned to the room. I decided I wanted to get my things packed and organized for our drive home tomorrow, so I got that done and then I took a shower. Now I need to get some rest so that I am feeling better and I can enjoy the trip home.

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