Friday, March 7, 2014

Driving to Williams, AZ

Yesterday my friend Regina (we went to Physical Therapy School together) flew to New Mexico to spend a long weekend with me and celebrate her birthday. The actual plan was for her to fly to New Mexico and then the two of us would drive together to Williams, AZ to take the train to the Grand Canyon. And that is what we are doing.
Today we left Santa Fe at 8:15am headed for Arizona. The drive was pretty uneventful - I25 south to Albuquerque then I40 west to Williams. We stopped along the way to fill the car with gas and at a couple of rest areas for the bathroom and to take a few pictures. We did lots of talking and planning on what we would do at the Grand Canyon. We arrived in Williams around 3:30pm and made our way to the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel to check in. We got things settled in our room and then decided to go walking in town. First we went to the Train Depot and picked up our tickets for weekend. We also looked around the gift shop and then headed up the street to the Williams Visitor Center to get some maps and brochures. Then we walked a little ways up and down Route 66 in downtown. Around 6:00pm we made our way to the Grand Depot Cafe for dinner. After dinner we settled in our room and relaxed. It was a good day and we have lots more things to do this weekend.

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