Monday, May 21, 2012

Carnival Caribbean Cruise: Day 3 – First Whole Day on the Ship

Both Thomas and I slept pretty good last night and that probably caused us to wake up early this morning. It was around 5:45am when we decided to stop tossing and turning and get out of bed. We dressed and headed out side. We first did about five laps around the outside track and then we played a game of miniature golf.

By that time the buffet was open and we decided to have some breakfast.
Blue Waters
So we ate and talked and watched the water – because that is all we can see at this point. Then we returned to our room and I decided to go to the gym (which is right across the hall from our room) and get a little work out in. I did the elliptical for 45 minutes and then did some of the nautilus machines working my back and legs.

I returned to the room and changed into my swim suit, gathered my Kindle and a few other things and headed out to get some sun. I finally found a spot on Deck 15, the Serenity Deck. I got a big, round, rattan seat with a cushion and some pillows and put on some suntan lotion and just laid there. It was wonderful to relax and enjoy the sun. I did a little reading but mostly just relaxed.

I am not sure exactly how much time I was out there but Thomas showed up at about 12:30pm and we went to the grill for a burger and some fries. Then we walked around the ship took some pictures of the different areas on Deck 4 (Mezzanine) and Deck 5 (Promenade). We stopped in at the Showtime Theater, The Fun Shops, Hat Trick Casino & Bar, Ocean Plaza, Plaza Bar & Café, RedFrog Pub, Vibe Dance Club, Play It Again Piano Bar, Prime Steakhouse, Spotlight Lounge, Photo Gallery, Northern Lights Restaurant and the Southern Lights Restaurant.
Spotlight Lounge Entrance
At some point in there we bumped into Brent and Heather.

Thomas and I went back to our room and did a little reading until around 2:00pm and then we met Brent, Heather, Donna and Mark at the Cloud 9 Spa. Since we have rooms on the Spa Deck we have some perks and usage of some of the areas of the Spa that other people have to pay extra for. So we took advantage of them this afternoon. We spent time in the Thermal Suite. Here is a description from the Cloud 9 Spa brochure . . .
“Like a passage toward ultimate relaxation, the Thermal Suite is based on the traditional Turkish Baths, where friends and family would spend the day relaxing together. Here , we have different herbal steam and sauna grottos that cleanse the body with gentle heat. Heated chaise lounges and tropical shower features make this both a cleansing and relaxing experience.”
 Let me tell you, it was heavenly. This was so relaxing I didn’t want to leave and vowed to spend a little time there each day. But eventually we did leave and went up on Deck 11 and sat outside and enjoyed some music and the sun. We visited and relaxed and laughed until it was time to get ready for dinner.

Dress Night

Around 6:00pm we all returned to our rooms to get cleaned up and changed for dinner. Tonight was a dress up night for dinner so all us guys had suits and ties and Donna and Heather had really beautiful dresses. We met up about a half hour before dinner to get some pictures taken. We found a spot on one of the staircases and a nice passenger agreed to take the picture. Once that was done it was down to the restaurant for dinner. We sat with the same family from last night and had another great evening visiting with them. Tonight’s menu was pretty good – Thomas had a salad and a flat iron steak with baked potato and for dessert he had an apple tart. I ended up having a shrimp cocktail and alligator fritters for an appetizer and then had lobster and shrimp for an entrée and ending with dessert I had molten chocolate cake.

After dinner we all went to the Showtime Theater to see a show. This is a Carnival musical production of a game show called Win! in which they pick someone from the audience as a contestant and they have singing and dancing. It was pretty entertaining and we enjoyed it. By the time the show was done we were all tired and made our way back to our rooms. It was another good day and we enjoyed our relaxing time on the ship.

Towel Bunny

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