Saturday, May 26, 2012

Carnival Caribbean Cruise: Day 8 – Third Whole Day on the Ship

This morning we slept in since we weren’t docking anywhere and we had the whole day on the ship. When we did get up we headed down to the Southern Lights Restaurant for breakfast. We took our time eating and just relaxing then we returned to the cabin to get our clothes organized. We needed to pack our bags and have them ready for pick up by 11:00pm. So we packed what we didn’t need for the day and tomorrow. Then I headed to the gym for a little work out. After 45 minutes on the elliptical and some leg work on the nautilus machines I went back to the cabin and changed into my swim suit. I decided to spend a little time getting some sun. I spent about an hour in the sun and then I got too hot and changed to a hammock that had some shade. I read on the hammock for about an hour and then I went back to the cabin to get Thomas so we could get some lunch.

Chocolate Extravaganza
We headed to the buffet on the Lido Deck and bumped into my family. They had gone to the Chocolate Extravaganza. We talked for a while and then they went off to do their thing and we found something to eat. We both had a build your own burrito and then some dessert from the Chocolate Extravaganza. After eating we returned to the cabin and took a nap which lasted about two hours.

When we woke up we took showers and got dressed for dinner and then finished packing our bags. As we left the cabin to do a little walking around the ship we put our bags outside the cabin so the porters could pick them up. We walked for a while then found a spot to sit on Deck 4 near the lobby. We listened to some music and then my brother and his wife showed up. So we visited with them until it was time for dinner. We all made our way to the restaurant for our last dinner on the ship. We really lucked up on this cruise because our dinner companions were a great family and we always had a wonderful time visiting with them. For dinner tonight Thomas had a salad and then roasted prime rib and for dessert he had a tropical fruit plate. I had a crab cake and frog legs for an appetizer, then panko crusted shrimp for an entrée and ended with cappuccino pie for dessert. Dinner tonight ended up lasting about two and a half hours. Then we said goodbye to our waiters and dinner companions before returning to the cabin for the night. Tomorrow we dock in Galveston and our trip comes to an end.

Towel Heart

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