Friday, May 25, 2012

Carnival Caribbean Cruise: Day 7 – Cozumel

Thomas and I woke at about 7:00am and got dressed and ready for our day in Cozumel. We decided to have breakfast in the Southern Lights Restaurant first and then head into port. After eating we headed down to Deck 0 to debark.
Cozumel Port
We walked down the dock and to get into Cozumel we had to walk through a shopping area. We were bombarded with sales people trying to get us to buy everything from liquor to jewelry to clothes to purses to candy to cigars. It was a long walk. Then we get into another shopping area with different stores and restaurants. We walked around a bit and ended up bumping into Donna, Mark, Brent and Heather. They were waiting to go for their excursion – a day at the beach. They went to Playa Mia Beach Park for some relaxation in the sun.

Sailboats on the Caribbean
So we left them in their line and we continued navigating our way through the shopping area so that we could exit the port and walk around Cozumel. So we headed down the main street outside the port and headed toward the downtown area. We walked along the sidewalk where we always had a view of the water. We stopped not too far from the port to find a letterbox and then we continued on our way. Along the way we say lots of flowers, sailboats in the blue water, iguanas and lots of taxi drivers. We were stopped at least 25 times by drivers to ask if we wanted a tour of the island. We said no each time as we just wanted to wander. After a three mile walk we arrived at the downtown area and here we were constantly being asked to come in to the shops – everything from diamonds to cigars. We walked around the area and took pictures and we did go into a few shops. It was a pretty hot day and the humidity was high so at one point we stopped for gelato and some water and sat in a shady spot with a nice breeze to keep us cool.

Seahorse on Fountain
We spent about an hour in the area and then decided to head back. We started walking back again on the sidewalk along the water. We passed a beautiful arched fountain and some other statues along the way. The walk back to the port seemed faster than the walk from the port. Again I took pictures and enjoyed the view of the Caribbean. Since Thomas and I are not really shoppers we made our way back to the ship. After checking back in we headed to the cabin – Thomas decided to take a nap but I headed to the spa. I wanted to spend some time in the Thermal Suites. So I changed into my bathing suit and grabbed some other things and headed up to the spa.

I had the place to myself. Since most people were still out in Cozumel the ship was pretty quiet. I spent about 45 minutes there going from room to room. Then I decided to head to the Serenity Deck to get some sun. I was probably up there around two hours and then I took a walk around the ship before heading back to the cabin. Thomas had showered and dressed for dinner already and so I jumped in the shower and got dressed. We decided to go for a walk and have a drink before dinner. We stopped at the FunShops and I ended up buying a watch that was on sale for 50% off. Then we went to the RedFrog Pub for a drink and snack. I tried the Thirsty Frog beer (which I loved) and some grouper fingers. Thomas had a rum and coke. After our drinks and snack we went to the Play It Again Piano Bar to listen to some music until dinner time. Then we headed to the Northern Lights Restaurant for dinner.  I had chicken tenders marinated in Thai spices, shrimp and fries and chocolate, raspberry & vanilla cream cake. Thomas had a salad, lasagna and old fashion apple pie. By the time we finished dinner we were both really tired and decided to call it a night. Tomorrow is a day on the ship.

Towel Snail

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