Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carnival Caribbean Cruise: Day 5 – Mahogany Bay (Coxen Hole), Isla Roatan, Honduras

This morning we met everyone at the Southern Lights Restaurant around 7:00am for some breakfast before heading into Mahogany Bay.
Coxen Hole Port
While we were eating the Captain came on the intercom to inform us due to high winds it wasn’t safe for him to maneuver the ship into the channel to dock. So he made alternative arrangements and we ended up docking at Coxen Hole a few miles away. This put us about a half hour later than the scheduled docking – not too bad. So when we finished breakfast we all headed down to Deck 3 and the Shore Excursion desk to sign up for our Zip Lining and Cave Tubing Excursion for tomorrow in Belize then we made our way to Deck 0 and the gangway to the dock
Cameo on a Shell

Coxen Hole has some shops and a visitors center inside the dock and in the parking area there are taxis available as well as any tour operators for shore excursions. We didn’t have any excursions planned so we visited a few shops and Thomas bought a couple of gifts and then we all decided to go for a walk and look for a letterbox. We exited the dock and headed west down the main road. We walked quite a ways down the road looking for the landmark – a stone castle. We eventually found it (it was Stone Castle Cameo Factory) and continued just a short distance and found the letterbox. After stamping in we returned to the stone castle which is a place where they make cameos. So we went inside and found some beautiful pieces of jewelry. Thomas bought another gift and Donna also bought something. Then we made our way back to the dock. But this wasn’t the end of our visit. We got a taxi from within the gates of the dock and we went to the Mahogany Bay area.
Mahogany Bay Beach
There was an excursion that you could take which got you a ride on a ski lift type chair from the shopping area over to the beach (you could also walk but why do that when you can fly). We didn’t do the excursion but we decided to do the chair. But first we stopped by Fat Tuesdays and got drinks and then we got out tickets for the chair and took the short ride to the beach. It was a pretty nice beach and there were chairs all over that you could lay out on. We were also ready for lunch at this time so we stopped at a little restaurant on the beach and had a nice relaxing lunch. After eating and refilling our drinks we found some chairs and then hit the water. The water was a little cool but really nice and it was a little blue but not as blue as I had pictured. We did enjoy ourselves in the water but our time didn’t last long. We needed to get the taxi back to the other dock and we wanted to do a little more shopping. So our taxi driver took us to a little Mercado and we all found a few little souvenirs before heading back to Coxen Hole.

We walked around the shops here for a little while before heading back on to the ship. We had to be back on board by 5:30pm and we made it by 5:15pm. Once back on the ship we all headed to our cabins to clean up. Thomas and I showered and got dressed and decided to take in a show before dinner. We saw a show called Destination: Unknown. Here was how the show was billed . . .
Destination: Unknown! A Night of Extraordinary Illusions: starring Jason Byrne and the Carnival Magic Singers and Dancers.
Destination: Unknown!
The show was fantastic! The effects were great and it was high energy. All the illusions were pretty impressive and the hour went by so fast. I wanted to see more and was sorry that it was over. But I guess it was good because it was time for dinner.

Thomas and I headed for the restaurant and got there a few minutes before it opened. Once the doors were open we were the first at our table. Then the other family at our table showed up then Brent and Heather. Donna and Mark didn’t make it to dinner (we found out later that they fell asleep and slept right through dinner). We had a nice time and a great meal - . The other family had seen the show as well and enjoyed it as much as we did. So we talked Brent and Heather into eating dinner quickly and leaving so they could catch the 9:00pm show.

The day was really nice, we had a great time on the island even though it rained just a little. We saw a beautiful beach and some incredible flowers. I am so tired now and tomorrow will be another busy day.

Towel Thingy

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