Thursday, June 13, 2013

Do They Really Believe All This?

For most of my life I have heard some absurd things about gay people and when I was younger and not sure what was going on with me I didn't quite understand some of the stuff I heard. As I got older and realized I was gay the things I heard offended me, but lately I find them humorous. Since June is gay pride month I have been reading a lot of different things on the internet related to gay pride and gay issues. Tonight I ventured into a topic about the "stupid things that people (mostly Christians) say about gay people". I have been laughing all night. I am not here to make fun of anyone's religious beliefs just the things that come out of their mouths. So here are some things that really entertained me.

~ Being gay is a choice.

You bet ya! I woke up one morning and while getting dressed I decided that I would be attracted to men so that people could laugh at me, beat me up, condemn me to hell and blame the decline of the entire world on my shoulders. Who knew I was destined for such greatness.

~ It's not natural to be gay.

I am not sure what this really means. Is is about the sex? Or is it about truly loving someone of the same sex but not being sexual? Or that two people of the same sex can't procreate and congest the world with more people? There is just so much crazy interpretation with this one. For me it feels totally natural, for me being attracted to a woman feels unnatural - although that isn't how I would describe it. There is an attraction to men that I just can't explain.

~ Gays can't procreate so they will recruit our children.

This is probably the most of absurd of all the things I have read. Recruiting? Do they seriously believe this? Were they actively recruited when they were children and did it work? Probably not if they are condemning homosexuality. And couldn't we in return say they are recruiting our children into heterosexuality. We don't recruit, but we do support and if a gay teen needs help accepting his/her sexuality and love when they are bullied we are there. Maybe that support is what these people are calling recruitment.

~ Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of straight marriage.

Really? We have only had legal same sex marriage in the United States since 2004 when Massachusetts became the first state to pass it. So we can only blame the gays for the problems with marriages and the rise in divorce since then. So what is the reason for this before 2004? A marriage is only between the two people who enter into it. And only they can ruin its sanctity.

~ Gay parents will raise gay children.

So that means my parents were gay, maybe they were and just hid it very well. This is so crazy - the same people that say this also say that gays can't procreate. I will let you figure out this one for yourselves since this seems to me as a contradiction.

~ Homosexuality is notoriously disease prone.

The article I read that head this was from ChristianAnswers,net and it made me gasp. They cited anal herpes, hepatitis B, intestinal parasites, Kaposi's Sarcoma and AIDS. So I guess no heterosexual ever had hepatitis B or intestinal parasites. And I assume that no heterosexual has ever had a sexually transmitted disease. Have these people ever heard about Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Genital herpes, HPV, Syphilis and Trichomoniasis? Gays are not prone to any more or less disease as anyone else. Yes, our actions and behavior can increase our chances for disease but safe sex is safe sex - homo or hetero!!!!!

There were lots more of these but I thought I would put the ones I liked the best. I did come across two links that actually kind of scared me. What scared me about these were that when reading them I realized that they really believed these things - I guess I didn't think anyone could be so ignorant. Here are the links if you want to read them - they are scary and funny at the same time because of the ridiculousness of the rants.

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