Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fun and Silly Gay Things

Here are a few silly things I found online while searching for gay related topics. These are all supposed to be fun and not taken seriously. I hope you enjoy.

A Brief Glossary of Homosexual Terminology - This page lists some of the endearing terminology male homosexuals use or have used to refer to their diverse sexual practices. Not all terms are currently in vogue. See also the comment following the list.

The Gay Quiz - Are you Gay? It's a question for the ages. The Gay Quiz you are about to take will test your level or gayness and the gaydar system will, in a fun and entertaining way, give you your results.

Drag Queen Name Generator - Find out what your Drag Queen name would be if you were a Drag Queen with our Drag Queen Name Generator.

How good is your gaydar? - Find out who is gay. Some questions are obvious, others take some thinking. Please do not take this quiz seriously!

Gay Operation - Put on your latex gloves and prepare to operate! It is up to you, Doctor, to remove a medley of foreign objects from your gay patient's buttocks! But don't touch the sides! And watch out for those evil dingleberries! Each successful operation gets you one more color of the gay rainbow and one step closer to a happy ending. A very happy ending.

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