Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Do We Really Need To Find The Gay Gene?

Since June 1 I have been reading a lot of things online searching for something to post each day during pride month. The talk about whether or not there is a gay gene is still a big part of the debate about gays. I am not convinced that we need to prove that this gay gene exists. The anti-gay people out there will not except this or any other reason for the existence of gays no matter what. Haven't you been listening to them rant and rave and about all the reasons they have for protesting, hating and comdemning us. None of them actually make sense - it is all just ignorant hot air. I really don't need for this to be proven - I know I am gay, it is just who I am and I don't think it will make me feel better than I already do about being a gay man. Perhaps proof that being gay is part of our genetic make up will quiet a few doubters and thus help our fight to equal rights, then maybe finding it would be a good thing. But for my own personal vote I don't need the validation.

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