Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gay Pride Month - June 2013

June is Gay Pride Month and I have decided to try and post something every day this month related to gay pride or gay history. I started with posting the picture at the top of the blog. This picture comes from Kelly at Rambling Along in Life . . . which he posts every year and challenges people to place it on their blogs or other social media for the month.
The advances made in the United States and around the World are encouraging and admirable but we still have a long way to go. The more we talk to people, the more we take pride in who we are, and the more we are 'out' then the easier it will be for people to know we are part of the World and deserve all the rights afforded anyone else. President Obama has made history by embracing gay rights and marriage equality. You can read President Obama's Proclamation for this year's Pride at Towleroad. The progress we are making needs to be credited to all the gays and lesbians who came before us and bravely stood up for who they were. I for one am thankful for their actions. They have allowed me to live openly with my husband for the past 23 years.
Here is to a month (and a lifetime) of Pride - lets honor all the gay heros who came before us by continuing their fight for equality.

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