Friday, June 14, 2013

Still A Very Important Message

Almost two years ago a 14 year old boy posted a video called What's goin' on. He held up cards telling his story with music playing along. He didn't say a word - he didn't have to. The video is powerful and by the end I was crying. His story is all too common among our gay youth and it hurts way too many people. After the video was posted there were lots of supportive videos uploaded done in the same manner as this young boy's. It was uplifting and I couldn't help think how our modern world was able to help this boy. I know a lot of people find fault with the internet and social media but I think that it can also help. Watching all those videos really reminded me that there are wonderful people out there ready to offer support. On the other hand there were people saying that he lied. I find that hard to believe - his video shows so much pain and emotion. I have been in his shoes (when there wasn't the internet for support), and I know that you can put on a happy face when needed but that doesn't erase all the pain that is deep within you. Jonah Mowry held on and made it (something that a lot of gay youth have had trouble with) - I hope his message helps others. I decided to embed this video here because I think it should be a reminder that you can rise above all the bullying and that things can get better.

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