Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DOMA Struck Down

 Just a few minutes ago the Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision on DOMA. In a 5-4 decision they struck DOMA down as unconstitutional. I am a little confused about the meaning of this. It seems that if you are legally married in a state that allows same sex marriage then you are guaranteed all the federal rights and benefits of all legally married couples. What is confusing is that if you were married in a state that allows same sex marriage and move or live in a state that doesn't recognize that marriage would you still get the benefits? Thomas and I were legally married on October 11, 2004 in Provincetown, MA but we live in New Mexico and our state doesn't recognize or deny the marriage - would we be able to receive all the federal benefits? I hope so! This is a great move by the Court. Fortunately, this is continuing our move for equal rights nationwide. Since the mood of the Nation is changing on the approval of gay marriage I figure it won't be long that this won't be an issue anymore. The courts also dismissed the case of Prop 8. Meaning that the State of California cannot legally enforce it. Here is the Prop 8 decision. So hopefully in a month or two California will become the 13th State to allow same sex marriage.

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