Monday, November 30, 2009

I Did It!

Well it is November 30th and this is my 30th post. So I managed to crank out 30 post in 30 days and I completed NaBloPoMo. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be trying to find something to write about. Most of the days were easy to find something to write about but there were times that I sat at the computer and struggled about what I should write and there were even times I had to come back to the computer two or three times to complete a post. Some of the post this month were pretty personal - not something I usually feel comfortable doing. But I found that it was a little cathartic and it felt good. Other post were nothing but fluff and probably a little boring but it got me to write. I was able to sit down, gather some thoughts and eventually get them down in words. They may not all make sense and maybe one day I will down and read them all and see what I get out of them. Even though it was a struggle on some days I have to say I enjoyed this challenge. I am not sure if I could continue writing something everyday, it was pretty challenging and a little time consuming. Maybe in a few months, after the holidays are over I may take this challenge again.

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