Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thomas the Ghost

Back at the beginning of 2008 I decided to take pictures everyday and post those pictures on a blog. I decided to do this so that I could learn more about photography and learn to look at things differently. My photography is getting better and I definitely look at things differently. You can see some my photos at As I See It 2008 and As I See It 2009. Because of all this picture taking I have been reading lots of different blogs and looking at lots of different photos and investigating lots of different websites. On Halloween I was looking at different websites and I came across an article on how to photograph ghosts. Well, I haven't seen any ghost around the house lately so I had to make a decision if I was going to be able to complete this challenge.

Someone had to become a ghost and since I was taking the picture it turned out to be Thomas. Now don't go getting all worried or upset. As soon as the picture was taken I resuscitated Thomas and all is back to normal. I really had fun with this project and I loved learning how to manipulate photos for different effects.

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