Saturday, November 7, 2009

Preparing for Class

Today was a quiet day and because of that I am having a difficult time finding something to write about. So I decided to just write about one of my activities that I did today. It is pretty mundane but it at least gives me something to post.

So what did I do today that I decided to blog about - well I prepared. Tomorrow I am going to Albuquerque with friends. We have a few things planned but the main reason is to attend a class. This is a craft type class - more specifically a book making class. It is being held at Papers! in Nob Hill. The end product is going to be a book that is wired bound. I am really looking forward to the class because I love learning new ways to do things.

The announcement for the class included a note that you could bring things to collage in your book. Since Thomas and I recently returned from a trip to the Oregon Coast I decided that I could put together a book that documents some of the highlights of the trip. I went through all the pictures that I had taken while on the trip (all 1171 of them). I picked some that where part of a group and some that were part of an activity. The rest that I choose were pictures of things or places we really enjoyed. I sized the pictures to what I wanted and then printed them out. cut the pictures from the pages I printed. I next made a few fold outs with groups of pictures and then organized the rest of the pictures so that I can use them tomorrow. When we travel I usually collect brochures, ticket stubs and various other things. So I went through all of that stuff as well. I choose some things that I might want to use tomorrow and put them with the pictures. Next I went through all my craft supplies. I found some stickers and embellishments that go along with the trip - so I add that to my growing stash of things to use in the collage. Since I am bringing that stuff I would need a container and since I had a container I decided to add a few pens, scissors, glue, ruler and a few other things. Everything is packed neatly and ready to go - I am hoping all this preparation helps make it easier to enjoy learning how to make the book and putting the collage together.

I know it seems like a lot of work just to make a book but I wanted it to be a nice reminder of our trip. And besides being prepared for things always makes me more relaxed and I am able to have a better time. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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