Friday, November 6, 2009

Mmmmm Pizza!

But not just any pizza! Pizza Village pizza! But not just any Pizza Village Pizza! It has to be a Dupe Special.

Imagine a very thin and extremely crispy crust and then cover that crust with a savory sauce - I said cover, not flood. Sprinkle some cheese over the sauce, just enough for flavor without over powering anything. Now add pepperoni slices, small bits of hamburger and tiny shrimp. Finally add just the perfect seasonings and there you have a Dupe Special. Ça Ç'est Bon!

Oh man, the more I think about it the more my mouth waters. I really love this place. I first ate here when I was in high school. On Friday nights after the football games it was a race between Carencro High and Northside High to see which school could get there first and fill the place. Northside had an advantage because there school is only a few blocks from Pizza Village. I went to Carencro and we had our fair share of getting there first.

Can you believe that with all the amazing food down in Cajun Country my favorite is pizza. Now don't get me wrong as a Cajun there are quite a few food items that I miss now that I don't live there anymore. I try to get a good sampling of my favorite foods when I visit but it is hard to get all my favorites each time but one thing I never miss out on is pizza from Pizza Village. I always save one meal for this place and I always get the Dupe Special. But all their pizzas are good. They also have great salads and I usually share one with someone just because I have to leave room for the pizza. I have also been known to have them make me a few (only partially cooked) and I freeze them and bring them home with me. I can then have one every now and then to tide me over until my next visit to Lafayette.

I am sure there are people out there that would disagree with me about the pizza here but I don't really care. I have fond memories of this place and I love the food, atmosphere and service. So if you ever find yourself in Lafayette, LA drive to 1935 Moss St. and give it a try - I think you will it enjoy it.

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