Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lets Take a Walk

I frequently go for walks around Santa Fe exploring different areas and always looking for something new to see or something I missed on previous walks. I also take pictures during these walks so I try to look at things differently. For my post today I decided to take you along for a walk in downtown Santa Fe.

I decided today to park in the PERA Building parking lot as my starting point for my walk. This lot is across Old Santa Fe Trail from the New Mexico State Capitol (aka The Roundhouse). I didn't go into the Capitol today but I do make a point to visit every now and then. There is a large art collection in the building and they have different exhibits in the Rotunda - so I like to stop in to see what is going on. But instead I headed toward downtown on Old Santa Fe Trail. I passed the Lamy Building (which houses a Visitor's Center) and across the street is the Guadalupe Cafe (a great place for breakfast). As I walked down the road I passed Rio Chama and the Pink Adobe - two popular restaurants. After a short walk I reached the San Miguel Mission (claims to be the oldest church in the country). I stopped and took a few pictures and then continued. Just across De Vargas Street from the Mission is my favorite pizza place in Santa Fe - Upper Crust Pizza. From here I continued up Old Santa Fe Trail passing Garret's Desert Inn/Ze French Bistro and crossing Alameda Street. I walked past The Inn at Loretto and stopped at Loretto Chapel. I took a few pictures but didn't go in. But if you are visiting Santa Fe it is worth a look - the Chapel houses the Miraculous Staircase. Across from the Chapel there are a few galleries that are nice to walk through. I reached the corner of Old Santa Fe Trail and Water Street. I turned left and reached the corner of Shelby and Water. Usually I turn right here and make my way to the Plaza. But today I continued on Water Street. I stopped in at Santa Fe Hemp - they have lots of items made from hemp as well as some great bumper stickers and buttons. Always a nice time stopping in here. Just past this store is Cafe Pasqual's - I understand it is a nice place to eat but I have been in Santa Fe for 20 years now and have never eaten here. This is at the corner of Water Street and Don Gaspar. One of my favorite places in Santa Fe is at this corner - Doodlets. This is a great little shop with lots of eclectic and fun merchandise. After a short visit here I walked up Don Gasper and turned right on San Francisco Street and made my way to the Plaza. I turned left on Lincoln and walked past another nice restaurant - Plaza Cafe. At the corner of Lincoln and Palace I took some pictures of the Plaza and the Palace of the Governors and then turned left on Palace and walked in front of the Museum of Fine Arts. A short walk took me to the corner of Palace and Grant. At this corner there is the Chuck Jones Gallery and the Santa Fe County Offices. I turned right onto Grant and reached the corner of Grant and Johnston. A little ways down Johnston is the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum - I opted to just keep walking on Grant and skipped the museum today. I walked past the Georgia O'Keeffe Research Center and reached the corner of Grant and Marcy. Here is where the new Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau is located. I didn't go into the building but I did walk around it and through the courtyard and took some pictures. The Convention Center takes up most of the block and by walking through I ended up on Federal Place. Across the street from the Convention Center is the main Post Office and next to that is the Federal Courthouse. I walked past both of these buildings and reached the corner of Federal Place and Lincoln. I made a right turn on Lincoln and ended up at Marcy Street. I turned left here and walked past Design Warehouse, Il Piatto Restaurant and Marcy Street Card Shop before reaching Washington Street. I made a right turn and passed the Santa Fe Public Library, Inn of the Anasazi, The New Mexico History Museum and The Palace of the Governors. Now I was at the corner of Washington and Palace. I turned left on Palace and walked pass lots of shops and a few restaurants and galleries - Rainbow Man, The Shop, Kokopelli Gallery, Susan's Christmas Shop, The Shed and then I turned into Sena Plaza. In this area is Goler Shoes, La Casa Sena, Poem, Todos Santos and a few other shops. I walked around and took some pictures and then continued on my walk. I turned right on Cathedral Place and walked past Cathedral Park, Institue for American Indian Arts, St. Francis Cathedral and La Fonda Hotel. I followed Cathedral Place around a curve and stopped at the corner of Cathedral Place and Water Street. I turned right on Water and walked past Old Santa Fe Trail to the intersection of Shelby. I turned left here and made my way to Alameda. I crossed the street and walked across a bridge over the Santa Fe River. I turned right and followed a path along the river for just a short way. I turned right and went through a gate and a parking lot for some apartments eventually reaching De Vargas Street. At this point I was at the North Capitol Complex. I turned left on De Vargas and walked past the Inn of the Five Graces and the Santa Fe Playhouse. I reached Old Santa Fe Trail and was back at Upper Crust Pizza and San Miguel Mission. If I had turned right here I would have returned to my car in a few minutes. Instead I decided to continue on De Vargas. I passed the Mission and Upper Crust and then passed the Oldest House in Santa Fe and then reached the Mission Cafe. Across from the cafe is the PERA Building and the parking lot where I started. So I returned to my car after a very enjoyable walk. The day was a little chilly but very beautiful. I mentioned places that I like and notice while walking. There are lots of sights, shops, galleries and restaurants downtown that are worth a visit. I hope you enjoyed this walking tour and get to visit some of these places yourself.

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Well, we will just have to go to Pasquale's sometime. And I hear the Mission Cafe is closing, sad.
Happy turkey day-